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Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition

One of the most critical factors to achieving lasting optimal health is to ensure that your body’s tissues have sufficient levels of vital nutrients. Sounds simple enough, but with our busy lifestyles these days and so much misinformation out there, few of us have adequate nutrition in our diets.

Dr. Chan will work with you to modify your diet and suggest the necessary nutritional supplementation to optimize your health. Also, other lifestyle factors such as high stress can negatively impact your digestion and exposure to toxicity can greatly affect the absorption of nutrients into the body’s tissues. Unless this is corrected, you will not be able to obtain the proper balance of vitamins and minerals to allow the body’s numerous metabolic processes to operate effectively.

Because we are all different, there is no “One-Diet-Fits-All” plan that works. Dr. Chan will help you to develop an individualized nutritional strategy that works for you.

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