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Bioimpedance Analysis Testing

Bioimpedance Analysis Testing

Many people monitor their overall health and fitness by looking at their weight. However, Bioimpedence Analysis (BIA) is a simple, in-office test that is equally as non-invasive and much more effective way to evaluate your body composition and overall metabolic status. Basically, you can improve your BIA measurement by decreasing your body fat percentage, increasing your lean muscle mass and increasing your level of hydration. As these changes occur within your body, you are also reducing your risk of developing a variety of serious health conditions and increasing your good health and longevity.

The most significant improvements in health come from lifestyle changes and BIA can serve as an effective way to measure your health progress. By using this simple test, Dr. Chan can help you to develop a personalized treatment plan that incorporates changes to your diet, nutritional supplements, and exercise routine that gets you the results you are looking for.

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