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BriefCase: Pancreatitis And Cholesterol Medication

A few weeks ago, a lovely patient of mine asked me if I could help her father who was dealing with acute pancreatitis. As soon as she said it, I winced because it is supposed to be exquisitely painful and internal organ pain is the kind of pain that is difficult to escape. There is […]

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New Year’s Detox – Better Late Than Never

It happens every year. December is a crazy busy time of year. There are lots of gatherings and parties. And LOTS of eating and drinking. Then you mix in some stress, a lot of unseasonably cold temperatures, and coughing and sneezing and your body has taken the proverbial “Season’s Beatings”. The social aspect of food is […]

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What Is Naturopathic Medicine?

Coming up with a clear definition of what naturopathic medicine is has been more challenging than one might think. You see, the task of answering the question “What is naturopathic medicine?” has been an ongoing one for several decades. There are several reasons why it is hard to answer the question, but I think the biggest reason […]

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BriefCase: Plantar Wart Treated With Homeopathic Thuja

BriefCase features short recaps of clinical cases that I have encountered. It is always helpful for me to read about other people’s successful cases. You never know what you’ll comes across so I thought I’d share some of the ones that have crossed my path.  For the first case, I thought I’d tell you about […]

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Simple Science: The Extracellular Matrix

From a physical perspective, our bodies are made up of organs, organs are made up of tissues, and tissues are made up of cells and the fluid-filled space that they swim around in. And for all of the very complex health problems that we see as naturopathic doctors, many of the cures to those problems […]

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IVs After Weight Cuts Are Banned – Now You Know

se·vere·ly I never intended for it to happen, but a significant portion of my naturopathic medical practice deals with sports medicine and treatment of athletes. The people who come to see me for their aches and pains can range from my young student athletes with Osgood-Schlatter (for a while I was seeing waves of volleyball […]

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Yes, We Can Do That Test For you

The other day, I was taken aback by a question from a new patient. She asked me, “Dr. Chan, are you able to order… lab tests?” The tone in her voice was almost as if she was taking a stab in the dark and expecting her query to go nowhere. In my mind, I was […]

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Our Dream Clinic

After graduating from naturopathic college in 2003, I left Toronto to return home to Edmonton [*insert joke here]. After exhausting my brain and burning out my adrenals from four years of intense study, I couldn’t wait to get out there and start putting my theoretical knowledge into practice. I felt like naturopathic medicine was one […]

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